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Boots Laboratories


DM | Poster | Outdoor​


Develop a concept and tone of voice to launch SoleiSP – the first 5-star UVA protection sun care range.

‘Hello Sunshine’ worked perfectly and highlighted that you no longer needed to hide away from the sun. It meant you could embrace today and face tomorrow.

What we wrote

Hello sunshine

Boots Laboratories has created SoleiSP, the first 5-star UVA protection Suncare range with 2x the minimum protection required by the European Commission.


Embrace today: Offering immediate effective protection against sunburn, SoleiSP has a patented blend of UVB and UVA filters so you can enjoy the sun day after day.

Face tomorrow: With 5-star UVA protection, SoleiSP prevents long-term skin ageing. It also supports the skin’s natural defences and guards against free radicals with its unique patented antioxidant complex.

Superior Protection system for skin protection and prevention

Whenever you’re out enjoying yourself, it’s important to choose the right sun care protection for your skin. Selecting the right UVB defence helps prevent sunburn, but it is also important to choose a high UVA protection and guard your skin against long-term damage, such as premature ageing.

Trusted expertise: The Boots brand has 160 years heritage in helping people look and feel their best. Boots’ health and beauty expertise is renowned for having developed scientifically advanced products, such as Ibuprofen and the world’s first 5 * UVA protection suncare range.


Today, Boots Laboratories continues to build upon this pharmacy-led experience and lead the way in the skincare and suncare industry. We bring the rigour of scientific testing to beauty and create cutting edge products, whilst meticulously ensuring their quality and clinically-proven efficacy. It is with this same resourcefulness and rigour that we have developed SoleiSP – our new suncare range offering superior UVA protection to help prevent long term skin damage and premature ageing.

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Town Mouse Country Mouse
a creative copywriting house. 
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