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Help make the UK’s best biomass and green energy company stand out against the ‘big six’ fossil fuel providers.

By developing a confident, compelling style of writing, we could effortlessly communicate lots of details, without ever losing the reader. We also struck a careful balance on the tone of voice, so that we could converse with corporate clients, as well as homeowners.

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What we wrote

There is no better way to heat your home or business

As the UK’s number one renewable energy company, we’re helping to heat thousands of homes and corporate buildings across the country. Our systems are installed and maintained by our highly trained local installation and servicing partners, using only the most efficient, cost effective biomass boilers and heat pumps.


Get paid for being green

Start getting paid through the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme for the renewable heat you produce.

Join thousands of domestic and commercial property owners across the country, enjoying the financial and environmental benefits of renewable heating technology, thanks to Innasol.

Find out what’s involved and how much you could save.


What We Do

What does it take to change 150 years of expensive, environmentally unfriendly, global behaviour?


Deliver a better way. In every respect. A powerful heating solution that’s cost-effective, genuinely green and established across Europe. Installed and maintained by a meticulous, Innasol-trained local partner network. Supported by government cash incentives.

And you could be next to experience the benefits – financial, environmental and elemental.

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