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Caternet is a successful hospitality purchasing software. Built by hospitality professionals they wanted a tone of voice that showed they personally understood their customers’ challenges.


We kept the copy simple, jargon free while highlighting the personal benefits. Therefore, reflecting on the intuitive, user-friendly software that was on offer.

Yum Junkie, catering website, copywriter, freelance, food writer, remote working, oxfordshire

What we wrote

There is no better hospitality purchasing software for transforming your business


As the UK’s easiest to set up and to use catering and hospitality online portal, we’re already helping hundreds of businesses across the UK to save time and money.


Designed and built by hospitality professionals, our intuitive and user-friendly purchasing software integrates into your business seamlessly.


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An outstanding reputation


We understand business moves fast in the hospitality sector. No two days are the same, budgets change, market rates go up and that’s why it’s important to have agile software that produces fast, accurate live results with minimal support.


Whether your job is to care about live price guides, finance reports or continuing to trade with your own suppliers, our reputation is built on helping businesses like yours perform to their full potential.




Benchmark your prices with fast, accurate online stock control, live purchasing, forecasting and reporting. And at the end of the week - reduced admin time.


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Experience accurate real-time online reporting, and HMRC accredited invoices that integrate into your finance software – saving you time and unnecessary paperwork.


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Business Leader


Live accurate data 24 hours a day, means faster management reports. Leaving you to focus on growth and making precise cash flow projections.


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Take control of your orders, dispatches and payments online, in real-time. Have fewer disputes, get paid quicker and make new relationships. And the best bit? It’s free to trade.


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Suppliers of hospitality purchasing software. That works.


With years of experience as operators, buyers and chefs in the fresh food industry, we know how your world works. We’ve experienced the same operational and financial challenges as you. And we’ve struggled with software that didn’t fill us with much confidence. Until now.


Working with Microsoft engineers and over 2,000 suppliers, we created Caternet – a ‘one stop shop’ web portal that enables you to modernise your purchasing, reporting and financial systems saving you time, money and hassle.

Increase your daily efficiency, by doing more


You’re an operator. The top of the food chain. It’s your job to ensure stock is ordered, accounted for and most importantly stays within budget. You then have to pass all your paperwork down the chain without any missing invoices or stock inaccuracies. This alone can be time consuming.


Caternet allows you to automate your stock management to keep a fast, precise stock control with live purchasing, and stock consumption right down to the item level. All conveniently in one place.


It’s easy to set up and we’ll connect your existing suppliers so you can focus on your business while receiving live reporting. And when you’re happy, you can transfer all your hard work to your company’s finance team, eradicating end of week admin.


Learn how you can become more efficient today >

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Yum Junkie, Catering website, Copywriter, food writer, freelance, oxfordshire, remote working
Yum Junkie, Catering website, Copywriter, food writer, freelance, oxfordshire, remote working
Town Mouse Country Mouse
a creative copywriting house. 
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