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  • Laura Glover

Don't forget the copywriter

Ranking high in a Google search can only do so much. Time and time again I click through from a search onto a website, scan the copy and leave immediately. Apparently it only takes eight seconds to decide whether you're going to stick around or not.

Why? Because it's not what I'm after? No. I simply can't bring myself to read any further.

And this can be for many reasons – terrible spelling, the amount of words I’m confronted with, incorrect or inconsistent grammar, information that I really don’t care about, the list goes on.

Does it look super slick? Yes, it may look nice thanks to a bunch of designers, or even these super new ‘build your own website’ templates for DIYers, however that won’t bring you business.

Now, a copywriter included in the equation, well you're on to a winner. We can make all the difference. And this is why:

Everyone can write. Most people have been doing it since they were four of five. It doesn't mean they're an expert. Schoolboy spelling and grammar errors can creep into copy that has been re-read hundreds of times. A copywriter has a sixth sense* to pluck these errors out by simply skimming the page.

*Maybe a bit of an exaggeration but you get what I mean

Descriptors (if you have them) will be sleek, easy to understand and written in a way that everyone understands. Remember when you're an expert in a field you can get wrapped up with your fancy long words and acronyms, which your audience might not understand. You may as well be writing in Klingon.

Yes, there’s the good old English idiom ‘a picture is worth a thousands words’ except in my opinion it’s the words that really land the sell. They add value and meaning to appealing design elements. They inform the reader what exactly you offer and how to go about employing your services.

You won’t have to decide what to leave out. Your copywriter can edit down and beautifully craft what you want to say with fewer, more precise words – less is often more when it comes to copy.

SEO will be addressed every step of the way. Carefully weaved into clever, meaningful copy, that beautifully informs and entertains your website visitors. Google likes this very much!

And finally, a copywriter will work with you to establish your brand's tone of voice. This will make your business appear highly professional and makes people want to read more and guess what, click through to your CTA page. Woohoo a new customer.

That's why a copywriter is so important to your website. Don't try and cut corners, hang the expense – after all, we're not as expensive as you may think we are.

Besides isn't your business worth a good chance in life?

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