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  • Laura Glover

When it comes to client gifts, it’s the thought that counts

Christmas wasn’t even a month ago. So it’s still ok to talk about Christmas, right?

As a small business, we appreciate each and every one of our clients, whether they’re a fledgling startup, or a giant global company. So, this Christmas we wanted to show all our clients just how much their business means to us, and that we value their continued support.

Getting the right gift though, is a tricky task. Almost as tough as writing an About Us page for your own website. You don’t want to send something too dull. You want to be creative, but not too ‘novelty’. And you don’t want your gift to be forgotten about within hours of being opened.

After much contemplation, we finally thought of the perfect Christmas gift for our clients – a reusable coffee cup. A gift that would be used time and time again, reminding our clients of TMCM with every sip.

Throughout 2018, disposable cups hit the news with stories about how bad they were for our environment. The majority of coffee shops started to offer cheaper drinks if you brought your own cup. Even Waitrose stopped offering free hot drinks unless you had your own suitable filling container.

We thought this summed up TMCM’s useful and convenient ethos perfectly - a trend everyone should jump on board with.

We didn’t want to send out an empty cup, so we filled them with chocolate-coated coffee beans. Yum.

Finally, to show our fun side we went pun-tastic on the enclosed Christmas card. Sorry, but it just had to be done.

The result? Our clients loved their gifts, and politely, not one of them pointed out we got the year wrong! Argh.

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