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Five ways we can help startups

five ways we can help startups

You’re starting a new business, how exciting! You’ve got your business plan in hand, which has no doubt already taken you months, if not years to get to, and you’re ready to make it all a reality. Finally.

But have you remembered everything? Have you dotted all of those i’s and crossed those t’s? Have you remembered your ‘voice’ - how your new business communicates with the outside world?

You have one chance to make a first impression and we can help you make a great one. How? Well, please read on…

Copywriting name generating startups

1. Create a name

The name of your business or product is incredibly important. You know that. We know that. However, it’s shocking how many people don’t dedicate sufficient time to a name. They don’t consider whether the name they’re set upon will work today, and grow with their business.

That’s why we research, we listen and we craft. We take the time to understand you and then we’ll create a whole range of names.

Some will be amazing, some damn ridiculous, some may be ‘safe’ – why do we do this? It’s a process. It’s important to view your image from as many different, relevant perspectives as possible. What are you trying to say and convey to your audience? Will the name allow for growth? Does the name offer something different or standout to your audience compared to your competition?

Tone of voice for startups copywriting

2. A tone of voice

It’s not just what you say, it’s also how you say it.

A carefully considered and unique tone of voice is vital for a new startup. No one knows who you are. Why should they believe what you’re saying to be true?

We get down to the nitty gritty of what you and your business is all about. And we write a tone of voice that speaks true to your audience and sets you apart from other brands. There’s no point trying to be something you’re not. Liking someone else’s tone of voice is fine, but don’t try to force someone else’s personality upon your own.

After all, tone of voice is about tapping into a range of emotions. Shaping how readers should feel about your brand, while building trust and a strong sense of familiarity.

Brands that have established a consistent, relevant and recognisable tone of voice recognise the benefits, from brand awareness and ROI.

Their customers love what they’re saying and believe they too can aspire to that desirable lifestyle.

And remember, your tone of voice needs to work across every touch point of your business. All the focus shouldn’t just be put into social media, websites or print. Consider how you can apply your personality to invoices, packaging, customer services, emails, even bad news you may have to share.

website copy for startups copywriting

3. Website copy

A digital presence is vital in today’s world. As more and more people go online to find out about businesses and products, you must have a professional website. Which means your site should be easy to use and concise. This is not the place to waffle on about what you ate for lunch. You have seconds to capture your audience.

That’s why we cut out the blah, blah, blah and offer our clients copy that captivates their audience within seconds. Whether that’s a tagline that concisely captures what you’re offering, or a catchy headline that makes you stand out from the crowd. Our copy is succinct and to the point, with a targeted tone of voice that fits your business and your potential customers. We even make sure SEO is considered and covered. You’re welcome!

Packaging descriptions copywriting

4. Pack copy

STOP! Don’t necessarily scroll past this point. You may not have a product that requires copy. But what about staff? We’ve created slogans for staff t-shirts. Or stationery? Yep, even a pen could make you stand out with the right message.

However, if you are looking for help with pack copy we understand how important it can be.

Whether we’re sitting waiting for the bus, at the breakfast table or having a daydream at our desk – we read the bumpf on the side of boxes, packets, jars…and yes, we do make an opinion on the brand from that little bit of info.

That’s why we write copy that makes your audience want to read more, wherever they read about you. Words that’ll bring a smile to someone’s face. And sentences that entertain your customers, while they’re consuming your goods.

guidelines copywriting for startups

5. Guidelines

With a strong set of rules and copy considerations, you can communicate your brand in precisely the way you want. Enticing new customers, and maintaining existing relationships too.

Copy guidelines are also essential when you want everyone in the company to get a better idea of how you see your business, and how you wish to communicate to the outside world.

Many of our clients get us involved at an early stage, often collaborating with designers to create the complete brand guidelines.

We’re always keen to work closely with design teams and creatives to help formulate the visual identity, as copy and design need to combine seamlessly to deliver the right message.

For you, your employees and your audience.

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