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SAP is a multinational corporation that creates next generation enterprise software to help businesses optimise operations and improve customer relations.

An English copywriter was required to help conduct interviews, write up success stories and synopses, as well as ensuring all subtitles were accurate. Currently responsible for the UK&I territory, we also help the European, EMEA and America markets to police tone of voice and ensure all messages are on brand.

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What we wrote

Unite your business and realize your true growth potential


Better business decisions start with SAP Business ByDesign. A single, end-to-end cloud based ERP solution that gives SME’s the opportunity to utilize the sophisticated business management tools that corporations use. At an affordable price.


By uniting CRM with both project and supply chain management, this ‘suite in a box’ gives you the real-time data and in-depth analytics you need, when you need it, wherever you are.


Instant business transformation


From finance, marketing, sales and services to HR, project management, distribution and logistics, start working together, faster with one simple, quick-to-implement package.


SAP Business ByDesign’s out-of-the-box capabilities will standardize processes across your entire operation. With a more connected, empowered enterprise, everyone can work smarter, and serve your customers better than ever before.


You can have it all, today:


  • Enhance customer experience with a unified end-to-end solution.

  • Optimize multiple siloes into one cloud-based ERP solution.

  • Sync with pre-built integrations including Microsoft Office 365.

  • Mobile access that brings you real-time analytics from a centralized database, so you can react quickly from anywhere.

Perfect for today, and beyond


SAP has more than 10 years’ experience successfully running ERP in the cloud – so Business ByDesign will ensure you always stay connected, and one step ahead.


Ultimately, we understand fast moving businesses need to have all the latest features, processes and innovations. That’s why SAP delivers product updates every quarter, guaranteed.


Further work examples

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