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Refresh the Autoglym tone of voice to move beyond product features and be more consumer centric. Which is exactly what we did for all 80 plus car shampoos, interior cleaners and accessories!


By elevating the benefits of Autoglym products, and drawing out emotive associations, we were able to establish Autoglym as the ultimate car care gurus; forward-thinking, honest and passionate experts, even when it comes to the smallest of products, such as a wheel brush.

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What we wrote


Suds. Lots and lots of suds. All created with a bucket of cold water and our Foaming Car Wash. Applied with a mitt or sponge, this shampoo quickly removes contaminants clinging to your car. All without removing any previously applied protective coatings or leaving behind any streaks, making this the ‘cool’ way to transform your car’s exterior.


Eliminate paintwork that feels rough to the touch and abolish spots that look like tiny rust specks. It’s time you put your car through a deep clean with Magma for a silky-smooth finish. Safe to use on all external surfaces, quick at seeking out the smallest iron particles and easy to rinse off, you’re one wash away from enjoying spotless bodywork and wheels.


First came the Leather Cleaner, then came the Leather Care Balm. Used in unison and your leather interiors can handle air conditioning and extremes of hot and cold weather, without ever drying out. Instead, our balm reinstates all the oils your leather needs, without leaving any unnatural gloss, or sticky, greasy surface residues.




We’re Autoglym. And our name says it all. Since 1965, we’ve loved nothing more than creating innovative car care products that leave vehicles gleaming, and their owners feeling proud.





Our drive for perfection

We started small, with just eight pioneering vehicle care treatments, each designed to breathe new life into tired bodywork and wheels. From the outset, Autoglym quickly become a trusted name across Britain’s car dealerships and garages.



When we shone even brighter

The launch of Radiant Wax Polish ensured we continued to delight Britain’s car trade. We soon realised that our commitment to quality car care was shared across the globe, so the 70s saw our presence grow throughout Europe.



Leading the way in home car care

It wasn’t long until car enthusiasts wanted their cars to look as good at home as when they first left the showroom. We responded by creating a range of easy-to-use, high-class treatments available to buy on the high street, which we could continue to add to.



Driving the nation

During the 90s, we created our public service vehicle division to help keep buses, coaches and trains clean and fresh, 24/7. We also earned two Royal Warrants of Appointments. One to HRH The Queen Mother and one to HRH The Prince of Wales.



Leagues ahead of the competition

It took of years of refinement in our lab to create our best wax yet, High Definition Wax. Cementing ourselves as providers of the finest products for long lasting lustre earned us another Royal Warrant of Appointment, this time to Her Majesty The Queen.



A new benchmark

2015 saw us celebrating fifty years of continuous innovation, meticulously striving for lasting shine. Throughout this decade we continued to perfect our product range, developing Wheel Protector, the award-winning Headlight Restoration Complete Kit, and the reformulated Super Resin Polish



Polar explorers

Today, our range now spans more than sixty specialist products for dedicated drivers. We’ve expanded our range to include our specially formulated foaming Polar products, and we’re excited to reveal more of what we’re working on, when the time is right.

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