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Can you drive and enjoy classic cars and bikes AND do your bit to tackle climate change? Chrome Carbon says yes. By offsetting up to three times the carbon emissions generated on each road adventure, and supporting UK and European reforestation projects (obviously).

Chrome Carbon wanted to appeal to petrolheads and passionate vehicle owners by making the strong connection between carefully preserving their beloved vehicles, and the fight to keep the beautiful backdrops to their adventures alive.

We struck a balanced tone across the website, to give enough precise detail to overcome the sceptics, with all the simple, clear specifics to show how simple the Chrome Carbon way can be.

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What we wrote

Chrome Carbon is a reforestation and climate actions program by and for automotive enthusiasts and motoring adventurers.

There is an emotional and essential relationship between nature and automotive. To the enthusiast they both mean beauty and freedom. Mountains, forests, deserts, countryside, you name it. We most often enjoy our pride and joy in natural sceneries and many automobiles have been designed to explore new territories. But as a responsible community we cannot ignore that these same sceneries we enjoy are under threat of our own byproduct: CO2.

Chrome Carbon is about enjoying our passion honestly by facing our responsibility and preventing more CO2 from entering the atmosphere than what our vehicles emit.

Why offset your mileage?


We love our bikes and cars because they give us freedom. The freedom to move, the sense of independence and the connection with the real, living breathing world.


So why wouldn’t we address the direct impact we make on our adventures, on our climate, on our planet?


We all feel that sense of responsibility when we spend time and money keeping our vehicle going. Respecting heritage and preserving something beautiful and worthwhile for the next generation.


This is simply the next logical step.

We picked TMCM out of five other agencies and were not disappointed.


They understood very quickly our challenges and answered very creatively.


The result is beyond our expectations. Thanks again!

Julien Lescure

Founder Chrome Carbon

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