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Pussy Energy Drinks​


Website | Tone of Voice


Make the copy on the new Pussy Drinks website more exciting and outrageous to fit in with their new branding positioning of ‘Naturally Outrageous’.

What we wrote

An outrageous hello

We're ecstatic that you want to get to know us better. Sometimes our bold name can come across as, well, rather bold. But wouldn't you want to be daring when you've created such an outrageous gem?

Back in 2003, our British founder, Jonnie Shearer, decided to make a stand. Going against the norm he said so long, goodbye, adios to medicinal tasting, taurine induced side-effect energy drinks. Instead he created a drink that competed on energy levels, tasted great and was made of all things natural – gut-rotting chemicals were sent packing.

He wanted to have his perfect energy drink. And drink it.


And finally, armed with an unforgettable and outrageous brand name that would cause disruption in a crowded market place, Pussy Natural Energy was unveiled.

We enjoy making friends and having moments of #outrageousfun together. So grab a can and toast your moment of outrageousness.


It’s all good


Not only is Pussy a refreshing energy drink, it’s made from 100% natural ingredients. That’s right. Chemicals, artificial additives and taurine have been given the heave-ho.


Designed to release the energy in a slower and more sustainable way, Pussy delivers the same amount of energy you crave but without the synthetic side-effects.


The outrageously good blend takes white grape juice from Spain, Brazilian limes and lightly carbonated water. Hit up with Passion Fruit and Lychee flavours and then it all goes botanical with Siberian Ginseng, Guarana, Sasparilla, Schizandra and Milk Thistle. Phew. (Click on the herbs to find out more)


Served ice cold, Pussy is the best natural way to get that outrageous energy kick.


And because outrageousness isn’t prejudice this product is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and Halal.

This copy is great and live on our site, thanks for all your help.

Amanda Wenban

Marketing Director

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