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‘To be the Gucci of electric scooters.’ That was new sparky upstart Milk Electric’s brief. 


With a flagship store in Portobello Road, and plans for capital domination, Milk Electric wanted to be as well known for their exceptional service as their fleet of dazzling two-wheeled e-vehicles.


So we set about finding that copy sweet spot between approachable know-how and premium product attraction. Here’s what we came up with...


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New In


What’s hot? What’s cool? Team Milk proudly presents their latest fully charged selection of wondrous personal electric transportation, stylish protective kit and must-have accessories. 

We don’t just stock the newest, or most expensive scooters and extras. Each and every one is the result of a heated debate amongst our staff. So you can be sure that if it makes the cut, it’s worth your attention. Here we go...


Best Sellers


When it comes to e-scooters, Milk sets trends, instead of following them. This is our very own ‘Top Of The Pops’. Combining our best selling online e-scooters with the models that are literally flying out the doors of our Portobello Road store.

These are the electric scooters that are generating some serious buzz at the mo - turning heads and changing opinions all across the capital.


Electric Scooters


At Milk, we’re quietly confident that the new generation of electric scooters are the way ahead for getting around town. Designed for commuting, but also an amazing way to explore the city, and beyond. Visit our Portobello store and we’ll happily chat for hours about the best scooters for you, and the coolest routes to discover around town. 

We’re also plugged into the e-scooter scene, so we’re always one step ahead of our competition. What brand? Which model? Helmets? Batteries? We’ll charge you up and put you on the right path.




Choosing your e-scooter is only half the fun. Next up, scooter accessories. Everything you need to ride safely, stay seen and keep your new two wheeled transport charged up and running smoothly.


Which means helmets, with lights or without? How will a portable charger improve scooter performance and battery longevity? And what’s an electronic pump? We can guide you around any potential potholes, and make sure you’re 100% in control, and making the most of your new commuter-mobile.

What we wrote
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