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Bring a more playful, irreverent copy style to IBM’s B2B incentive program and product promotional campaigns.


Working with Motivforce, we created a highly successful campaign, achieving over 100,000 impressions (previous campaigns only generating 2-5k).

Working in partnership with Motivforce Marketing & Incentives

IBM Flash One_Twitter_5200_2.jpg

What we wrote

Grandmaster Flash. Meet Our Furious Four

Which FlashSystem is right for you?

IBM FlashSystem 9500

Muscle in on your competition

Box clever

With the feature-rich, compact IBM FlashSystem 7300

The Flash One Members Club

Sweeter than candy

Fiercely does it

After a cyberattack take back control fast with IBM Spectrum Sentinel

Fortune favours the unlimited

Whether you’re scaling up or down, IBM Storage as-a-Service only charges you for what you use.


Power up with IBM Power Rewards


Feel that ‘buzz’? That sensation of success you get by registering another client meeting ot selling a NEW Power 10 System. Imagine if that feeling could be multiplied.


Which is why we’re thrilled to announce our new IBM Power Rewards Incentive tailored especially to our Sales & Technical Business Partners.


Arrange a new client meeting and earn $250, sell a S1014 to pocket $1,000, you can even earn a massive $4,000 for selling a E1050. That’s a whole lot of buzz.

IBM has received 100,000 impressions on the tiles, which would normally only recieve around 3-5k. So thank you for your great copy.

Jill Alongi

Account Director, Motivforce Marketing

& Incentives

What we wrote
Further work examples

Further work examples

IBM Twitter banner
IBM Twitter Banner
IBM Twitter Our Power. Your Glory
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