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LYONS Coffee


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How to re-launch Lyons’ coffee bags while communicating the heritage of Lyons in a modern and relevant way.  The answer? 100 years young.

Through our copy we helped to transform the heritage of yesteryear into a modern, energetic brand. Whether through on pack copy or Instagram posts, we brought Lyon’s boundless taste for innovation alive.

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What we wrote

Go-Joe, Go


From continent to cup, LYONS coffee has come a long way. 100 years in fact. With one twirl of his moustache, our founder Sir Joseph Lyons took his ‘get up and go’ attitude to deliver a full-bodied coffee to the nation.


Today, our No.3 blend continues this journey with a fresh take on Joe’s original.



This way to Perkadilly 


Put a little hustle and bustle in your step with our coffee tribute to Piccadilly, the place where Sir Joseph brewed up his very own LYONS Empire. When you need a London-sized perk-me-up, our deep, intense No.4 blend is roasted to get you there.



Time to Rockadero


LYONS has always had a flair for the theatrical. Over 100 years ago, Sir Joseph Lyons built London’s Trocadero and opened his Corner House cafes, to rock the nation's taste buds. Today, we’re still packing ‘em in, with our No. 5 blend – as dark and fiery as a West End showstopper.

Living the Decaf Dream

Sir Joseph Lyons certainly knew how to dream big. 100 years ago, his pioneering vision became a glorious food empire, where everyone could enjoy great tasting LYONS coffee.

Our decaf blend is a celebration of his timeless good taste, so you can savour the LYONS flavour, anytime of day or night.

Brand Essence


We may be pushing 120, but there’s nothing old-fashioned about Lyons. This youthful exuberance is the reason we’re still here, still making the freshest, best tasting coffee.

The world’s changed since Sir Joseph’s time, but we’ve never lost our founder’s commitment to make his famous coffee as good as it can possibly be. Thankfully, we’ve also inherited Joe’s boundless taste for innovation. That’s why you’ll find our best blends come in a range of smart, convenient servings. It’s this perpetual quest for perfection that keeps us... young.

What we wrote
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Further work examples

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