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  • Laura Glover

Please take that tone with me

It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it. Tone of voice matters and helps set brands apart from one another. Although, tone of voice can’t be plucked from thin air, personality is something installed in your brand. Who you are. What you’re trying to say to the world. Who you want to engage with.

There’s no point trying to be something you’re not. Liking someone else’s tone of voice is fine, but don’t try to force someone else’s personality upon your own brand.

After all, tone of voice is about tapping into a feeling. Shaping how readers should feel about your brand while building trust and a strong sense of familiarity.

As a copywriter, a tone of voice is incredibly useful. Allowing one copywriter to follow where others have previously written, without damaging a carefully crafted identity.

Brands that have nailed a consistent, relevant and positive approach have built a customer following that means they are reaping the rewards. Their customers love what they’re saying and believe they too can ‘buy’ into that desirable lifestyle.

And remember, apply your tone of voice across everything you do. All the effort shouldn’t just be put into social media, websites or print, consider how you can apply your personality to invoices, packaging, customer services, emails, even any bad news you may have to share.

Brands that I feel are onto a winner are:

Boden - Fun, chatty and flirty. Proudly British. Full of confidence they’re dying to share.

Jamie Oliver - Yes, he’s a brand. Cheeky, guy next door, everyone’s mate. If Jamie can, you can.

Pret - Passionate, fresh and honest. They love what they’re doing. We love eating their food. It’s a love, love situation.

Spoke London - Friendly and honest. Take a chill pill, we’ve got you covered.

Virgin - Cheeky, adventurous and inclusive. Everyone can have a slice of Virgin.

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