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TMCM Inspiration: November 2022

five things I didn't know about remote copywriting

Podcast - You are not a frog

Dr Rachel Morris, a GP turned executive coach, reminds me each week with her podcast of the importance of a great title. She, alongside various guests and experts, finds different ways to show that, unlike the frog in a pan of boiling water who must either be cooked alive or jump out of the pan, we have more pleasant choices at our disposal. Hers is a podcast for professionals in high stakes, high stress jobs who want to ‘thrive rather than just survive’ and Rachel tackles the thorny issues of resilience, stress and trying to enjoy life. Not too preachy, practical enough to make a difference and a welcome reminder that burnout doesn’t have to be inevitable. And now, even in the slimiest of situations, I find myself frequently repeating her mantra - I am not a frog.

Gone are the days of a word doc, sent by email

BOOK - The Quick Roasting Tin, by Rukmini Iyer

It’s rare my long-suffering husband and I agree on anything. Our mutual love of Rukmini, however, is undisputed.

Whilst this month’s book recommendation is perhaps not a literary classic, it is certainly a daily lifesaver. The book’s premise is recipes that take ten mins to prep, less than half an hour in the oven, and can all be cooked in a single roasting tin. Delicious, fuss free dinners and minimal washing up? Honestly, what’s not to like?

Rukmini has identified her audience perfectly - busy people who still want to eat good, tasty food and this is reflected beautifully in her no-nonsense copy. By organising the chapters by occasion, its easy to find what you’re looking for; family favourites, make ahead lunchboxes and work night dinners are our ‘go to’ sections. Quick cheat notes at the end of each recipe, including how to ‘Change it up’, ‘Make it Vegan’ or ‘Carb it up’ are a clever addition. What’s more, Rukmini is a food stylist, so the pictures are mouth-wateringly gorgeous, and the finished product, even in the hands of a cooking luddite like me, ain’t half bad either.

And even Jamie Oliver has now hopped on the one-tin bandwagon, but with five roasting dish books already under her belt, I remain fiercely loyal to Rukmini. In a world that gets busier and more complex every day, her minimal fuss meals and copy are just what I need. So, if you’re looking for a cookbook you'll actually use, and you’re ready to fall in love with a roasting tin, this one’s a keeper.

Meetings take on a whole new meaning

Email - Papier

I’m unsure how an email can conjure up the sensation of heavyweight card stock in your fingers, but somehow Papier manages it. Perhaps I’m biased by an eternal love of stationery, but this company, specialising in customisable paper products, leaves me lusting after notecards like no other. Beautiful branding, enticing content and elegant product photography make their comms a joy. From ‘desk delights’ to ‘pages of potential’, they manage to successfully convey the joy of new writing supplies through their clever, irresistible copy. And anyone who refers to me as a ‘paper person’ (I feel so seen!) is welcome to spam my inbox with stationery p*rn anytime.

TV - Home

If ever a TV series should be made compulsory viewing, this is it. A genuinely funny, quietly brilliant show based around a family who return from holiday to find a Syrian refugee in the back of their SUV. Well acted, empathic and poignant, Home is a consummate blend of humour and tragedy. Sugar coated, yes, but four years on, still touching, and a relevant reminder of the power of humour when delivering an important message.

Work creep is tricky to keep in check

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