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SPOKE London consider themselves ‘the world’s most personal menswear brand’. Where others seem satisfied with small, medium and large, SPOKE’s smart, stylish trousers and tees come in over 400 different size variants. All geared around getting that perfect fit.


As well as great clobber, they also have a highly individual written ‘attitude’ when it comes to communicating with their customers (or Spokesmen, as they’re known). 


We’d always admired both pantalons and prose, so when we were given the chance to write for them, we jumped at it.


From 2021-22, we drafted and crafted almost 150 emails, plus multiple Instagram and Facebook posts, all in that distinctive, irreverent house style.


It’s rare to get a client, or a project, that drastically improves how you write, but collaborating with SPOKE London was just that. A perfect fit indeed.

Live & Let Dry SPOKE London
Biker Groove SPOKE
Baccha Nailing It Spoke

What we wrote

Live & Let Dry


We don’t often take our wardrobe inspiration from Sean Connery. Only Bond can pull off a Sky Blue terrycloth playsuit. (Sorry, guys).

But what if SPOKE’s very own Q branch could change that?

Just in time for your summer hols, we’re releasing a limited-edition Towelling Polo. And boy, have we shaken things up.

Fitting just like a Tolo™, we’ve switched out the smooth jersey fabric for long-looped 280g terry cotton towelling. Woven in 100% organic Portuguese cotton, all those loops make it gloriously absorbent and drenched in decadent ‘70s charisma.

The perfect summer shirt to slip on after pulling yourself from the pool (Soho House or paddling) - and gliding into drinks and dinner.

To Dry For >>>

Bond’s sky-blue colour pick was tempting. But we're running the beta in a wildly wearable Navy. One thing at a time, folks

You've got this.

— Team SPOKE


Suck It & Seer



Picture the scene. You’re hobnobbing in the Hamptons, attempting to pass for the long-lost Winkelvoss Triplet.

Collar popped, sweater draped - now a final flourish to really nail that preppy, peppy New England vibe.

Enter our NEW featherlight, striped Seersuckers - the magna cum laude of SPOKE Shorts.

The signature crinkle weave keeps you effortlessly cool all summer long. We’ve refined the classic with a few Ivy League SPOKE details, and a shot of stretch for endless comfort.

Dropping in Sky, Lemon, Candy and Aqua Stripes.

Short Cut >>>

Even if you end up closer to Margate than Martha’s Vineyard, you’ll always look top dollar.

Now, where did you put those deck shoes?

– Team SPOKE

Anchor Man



Sure, you can go full French Sailor in our new Breton short-sleeve.

Inspired by the most handsome, least seaworthy Navy in history - you too can channel the spirit of Jean Paul Gaultier in one of these.

But if you fall fractionally short of airbrushed perfection, you’ll find the classic stripe flatters mortals too. It’ll layer beautifully under a denim shirt or light jacket this spring.

If you don’t think you’ve got the gallic flair (or guyliner) for Navy blue - on pre-order now, build yourself up with Wild Ginger or Aqua Grey.


Mais Oui >>>

Bon weekend,
– Team SPOKE

The folks at TMCM really think about a brief – and made a proper effort to internalise the personality of the brand. This was no easy task at SPOKE, with a well established tone, and idiosyncratic style. But they managed it with a deft touch, sharp prose, and good humour – in every sense.

Ben Farren

Founder & CEO of SPOKE London

What we wrote
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Further work examples

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