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The company wanted a new, bright modern brand, to reflect their revolutionary bed bug detection, identification and elimination system. We worked closely with the founders to come up with a name that was simple, memorable and helped to explain what they did - Spotta.

Developing the themes from the naming workshops, we then set about crafting the brand tone of voice and copy guides to use as a basis for the new website and printed collateral.

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What we wrote


Spotta Bed Pods are a totally revolutionary new way to pre-empt and minimise the damage bed bugs can cause to guests, reputation and earnings.

Our smart, discreet network of intelligent ‘pods’ can identify pests and help you deal with them promptly, before they spread.


In the past 20 years, bed bugs have made a startling resurgence which shows no signs of slowing down.

One tiny insect can cost a hotel tens of thousands each year. There’s not much you can do to stop bed bugs entering your hotel, so how can you protect your guests?


The Spotta solution? Bed Pods, our automatic, continuous pest monitoring devices.

The only way you’ll know about bed bugs before your guests do. Finding an infestation early is good news, as small infestations are easier and less expensive to treat. You also avoid compensation costs by protecting guests from bed bugs in the first place. Our discreet and reliable Bed Pod bed bug monitors are on the lookout 24/7 and are able to detect infestations within hours of unwanted ‘guests’ arriving.

This copy is great and live on our site, thanks for all your help.

Amanda Wenban

Marketing Director

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