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  • Laura Glover

More than meets the job title

My business card quite simply says Creative Copywriter. This isn’t a lie. I write copy and it’s creative. However, what the small print should say is that the ‘job’ of freelance Creative Copywriter in today’s ever-changing world is a multi-talented, chainsaw juggling affair.

This is probably the case with every single job role out there. And it’s infuriating that you have to take the time to condense what you do into a couple of recognisable ‘generic’ options, based on what people think they think writers do.

Which is made even more tricky when everyone thinks they can write copy.

After all, how hard can writing really be? You take a handful of words, throw them together, ensure you’ve slapped your key words in and hey presto, a literature master piece. Right?

Even for me with a job title of Creative Copywriter, I can’t just pluck copy (and the right copy for your business) out of thin air. There’s so much more to it. Just like the job title.

So, here I go. What the small print on my business card should read…









Mind reader

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